Can I view the houses?

Because of safety requirements on the construction site, unfortunately it is not possible to just drop by and view the apartment. However, we will make use of artist impressions and video impression to give you a good idea of what the apartment can look like after it is finished. If at all possible, we will be sure to arrange for a viewing possibility for potential tenants. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to read all about it.

Can I receive rent benefit?

The apartments are rented in the private rented sector. It is not possible to apply for rent benefit.

Do I have to pay a registration or mediation fee?

No, you do not have to pay a registration fee and there are no mediation fees/commission. Before (or during) signing the rental agreement, the first month of rent and any required safety deposit must be/have been transferred via internet banking. Safety deposits are not required by default; they will only apply for applicants who do not meet the income requirements or are self-employed.

I’d like to rent an apartment, what should I do?

To rent an apartment, you can register your interest for one of more of the apartments or houses. We will then contact you to discuss the possibilities.

You can also register as general interested person for an apartment in De Gemstones. As soon as apartments are released again, we will inform you.
If there are several candidates for the same apartment, then the house is assigned to the best-fitting candidate.

Income and testing
Which rental price fits my income

With using the rental price calculator you’re able to determine which apartment fits your income.

May parents or other third parties act as guarantors if the income requirements cannot be met?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept guarantors (parents or third parties).

Can I share a house with a friend/colleague?

Yes, you can share a house with a colleague. This must be discussed with the propertymanager.

Can I rent a house as a temporary employee?

Unfortunately, we can only assess income from permanent employment (minimum 12 months). It is therefore not possible to rent an house with a flexible employment contract.

What are the income guidelines for renting an house?

The following income guidelines apply to those wishing to rent a house:

For a net monthly rent up to and including € 600, applicants must have a monthly income of: 4.5 times the net monthly rent
For any surplus over € 600, applicants must have a monthly income of: 3 times the net monthly rent
Gross monthly income (including 100% of partner’s income, if applicable)

Example for net monthly rent of € 750:
€ 600 x 4.5 = € 2,700
€ 150 x 3 = € 450
This means a (joint) gross monthly income of at least € 3,150 (€ 2,700 + € 450) is required.

Holiday pay, fixed bonus payments, fixed Christmas bonuses may be counted when determining gross yearly income. You may not count flexible bonus payments, dividends or lease car reimbursements towards your gross yearly income.

Lower income requirements apply to retirees due to the lower tax burden. In this case, the taxable income can be increased by 30%.

Available assets on a Dutch bank account may also be counted when determining gross yearly income. You may add 10% of your available assets to your yearly income.

Click here to calculate your maximum rental price.

Level of quality/completion date of construction
Do the houses come with storage space?


How are the walls and ceilings finished?

The completed apartments will feature smooth walls, ready for wallpapering. The apartments feature sprayed ceilings. The ceiling height is at least 2.60 meters.

Can I choose my own kitchen and/or bathroom?

Most of the apartments feature a fully equipped, glossy white kitchen with a black quartz composite worktop. The kitchens are fitted with a combination oven, fridge freezer, gas hob, extractor hood and a dishwasher.

The comfortable bathrooms are equipped with a walk-in shower, a wide sink with a mirror and a heated towel rack. Some apartments also feature a bath, as indicated on the blueprints of the apartments in question. The bathroom floors are decorated with anthracite tiles and the walls are fitted with white tiles up to the ceiling.

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is  1 year. After that, the rental agreement can be terminated as of the first of the following month.