93 houses
96m2 - 124m2 living area
3 bedrooms
€ 980 - € 1030 p/mo.
Free public parking
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Rent in S. Sjahrirstraat

Sultan Sjahrirstraat, Haarlem

Looking for a spacious family home in a quiet suburban area? Our comfortable 3-storey rental homes in Haarlem’s Zuiderpolder area may be the perfect match for you. Only a short drive from Amsterdam, this accessible, green area offers 93 comfortable family homes with schools nearby.

You will find our spacious family homes on the outskirts of beautiful Haarlem, in Zuiderpolder. The 3 bedrooms are situated on the first floor, which also features a staircase that gives access to the attic. Rental prices start at €750 per month, and before you move in, we will make sure your home is fitted with a modern kitchen with appliances, and a luxury bathroom with bath and shower. Schools are close by, but you will need a car to get to the shops or other amenities. Quiet, green and easily accessible via the A9 motorway - all of that makes this a great location for families.

A 35-minute drive from Amsterdam.

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