Am I eligable for a rental apartment?

After subscribing the potential tenants will be matched to the houses that are available. One important condition is that your income is sufficient to pay the rent. We have set up income guidelines to make sure of that. To avoid disappointment, you can calculate if you can meet these guidelines. As soon as the renting prices are available, you can calculate precisely how much income you need to rent the apartment of your preference.


Income guidelines

For a net rental price up until € 600,- : 4,5 times the net rental price. Above € 600,-: 3 times the net renalt price. By adding these two numbers together, you can calculate the required gross monthly income. You can include the income of your partner for the full 100%. Below you can find and example of how to calculate the required gross monthly income for a net rental price of € 800,-

€ 600,- x 4,5 = 2.700
€ 200,- x 3    =    600    +  
Sum:              =  3.300

The required gros monthly income for an apartment with a rental price of € 800,- per month is € 3.300.  How can you calculate your own personal gross monthly income, and which fixed costs do you need to deduct? Read more about it below.

Calculate your gross monthly income

I am employed
– Gross yearly salary divided by 12
– Holiday pay, fixed bonus and fixed 13th month can be included in the calculation
– Flexible bonus and lease-car compensation cannot be included.

I have a pension
– For retired people the required income is lower, due to a lower tax burden. The taxable income can be increased with 30 % in case you are retired.

I have equity
– Freely available equity on a Dutch bank account can be included for the income assessment. 10% of the equity can be included to calculate your yearly income.

I receive social benefits
– Gross yearly benefits divided by 12
– Holiday pay may be included to calculate the gross yearly income.

Calculate your maximum rental price with the calculator

Gross monthly income
Net business income
Gross monthly income partner
Monthly payment obligations
Result: € 0,-

To calculate your fixed costs (maandelijkse verplichtingen) you can think of costs such as paying off a loan, study debt or alimony. The indication given is excluding service costs and other costs.

Document check and credit check

Matching potential tenants to the available apartments will be done based upon the information you have provided, such as details about your income and your preferred apartment. For this reason, it is very important to fill out the application form completely and truthfully. All provided data will be verified using the documents you are required to provide after you receive a provisional allocation for an apartment. A credit check can also be part of the procedure.